Fairfax Bat Removal

Animal Control Solutions is a professional Nuisance Wildlife Removal company that specializes in Bat Removal and Bat Control services throughout Fairfax County Virginia. Specializing in the removal of bats from residential and commercial buildings, including bats in attics, warehouses and businesses throughout Fairfax, VA.

Bat removal in Virginia is a service that we perform on a daily basis, we service the entire state and have over 25 years’ experience solving human bat conflicts in the most complete way possible. Below are some of the services that we offer thru our company, we do all the work in house, we do not sub-contract any work to other companies. Animal Control Solutions owns all the necessary equipment to to do the work correctly and every employee we have works for us and is insured by us.

Fairfax Bat Exclusions

Fairfax Bat Exclusions are provide for residential and commercial properties. Bats are able to get into places as small as a dime, and are often found in churches, attics, apartment buildings and warehouses. Bat exclusions should be performed by a professional company that specializes in bat removal that has the proper knowledge and equipment to perform the exclusion properly. An improper bat exclusion can force the bats into the living space of a structure, this is a situation that should be avoided.

Residential Bat Removal, Fairfax VA

The bulk of our work is residential work, we service over 1800 houses a year for bats and problems relating to bats. We have excluded over 65,000 homes in Virginia to eliminate bat/human conflicts.

Commercial Bat Removal, Fairfax VA

We do many buildings such as churches, city buildings, courthouses, schools and apartment complexes. We have a dedicated crew that exclude these large structures and can solve your bat infestation problem pretty quickly! Call for your free inspection today!

Fairfax Bat Guano Removal

Where there is bats, there is bat guano!! This is a fact, we have specialized machinery such as HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to assure that we can get the bulk of the contamination from the given area. We have a specialized truck that removes the guano and the contaminated insulation and will reinstall new insulation that meets state and county code guidelines.

Fairfax Insulation Services

We are also a full service insulation company, we have the ability to blow in Fiberglass, Cellulose, Rockwool and any other type of fiber insulation.

Fairfax Bat Removal services performed in Fairfax including zip codes 22030, 22032, 22034, 22036, 22038, 22031, 22033, 22035 and 22037.

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