Fairfax Bat Exclusion

Bats in the attic of a home or building is one on the major problems many residents throughout Fairfax County deal with during the spring and summer months. Bats are one of the most beneficial mammals throughout the United States and the best way of dealing with them is to have a bat exclusion performed. Bat Exlcusions are the most humane methods of removing bats from a building or attic. Animal Control Solutions Bat Control Experts perform bat exclusions throughout Fairfax County and surrounding areas.

The first step in dealing with bats is to determine the extent and nature of the bat problem. This is done by having an inspection performed by a reputable Bat Control Company such as Animal Control Solutions. Our trained experts will perform an inspection of the attic space to determine if bats are living in the structure. If is determined that there are bats present, an exlcusion will be the next step in having the bats removed.

What is a Bat Exclusion?

Bat exclusions are the process of bat proofing a home or building that allows the bats to leave naturally without harm or stress but prevents them from reentering the structue.

Bat Exclusion Process

Bats have the ability to squeeze through very small cracks and crevices, this is why it is important to have a full exclusion performed. During a bat exclusion the all possible entry points should be sealed and closed off to prevent the bats from reentering the structure. The bat control expert will determine the entry point the bats are using, once this has been determined a One Way Door will be installed. This allows the bats to exit the structure but prevents them from reentering. Once it has been determined that all bats are gone from the structure, the one way door will be removed and that entry point will be sealed.

Be careful when hiring an inexperienced person to perform a bat exclusion, if not performed correctly the bats can be sealed in the home to die or will be forced down into the living space. Bat exclusions should never be performed when baby bats that are too young to fly are present. If it is determined baby bats are present, the exlcusion should be performed once the baby bats are older enough to fly.

Animal Control Solutions has performed thousands of Humane Bat Exclusions throughout Virignia and Fairfax County, Virginia. Rest assured your Fairfax Bat Problem will be handled safely and effectively, call today to solve your Fairfax Bat Problem!